Owning A Dachshund-5 Things You Need To Know

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I became a Dachshund owner for the first time nearly 30 years ago. 


It changed my life.


Since that time, I have owned three more Doxies and have loved them all more than most people.


Dachshunds are to say the least, a distinctive breed of dog.


With their short legs and long bodies, they are unmistakable to anyone who meets them.


But do they make good pets?


Well, considering they are near the top for favorite dog among pet-owners, the answer is an unequivocal yes!


And yet, they have some traits and habits that you had better be familiar with before you dish out money for a pure Dachshund.


So without further ado, let’s check out the 5 things you need to know before owning a Dachshund.


1.  Dachshunds are stubborn!  Want to have a battle of wills with a Wiener Dog?  Forget it, you will lose.   These amazing creatures believe in the old adage, “my way or the highway”!  My Lexa will whine incessantly when she wants me to sit down so she can crawl on my lap.  If I continue to stand, she continues to whine.  I never win...



2.  Dachshunds are very hard to potty train!   Believe it or not, some Dachshunds NEVER become fully potty trained and see the carpet as a patch of grass.  It can be frustrating so you may want to invest in a good carpet shampooer.  Or just install nothing but hardwood in your home!    












3.  Dachshunds have a very long life-span!  This is a great thing.  Doxies tend to last 12-14 years in on average and can make it up to 20 years in rare cases.  This gives them much more time to pee on the floor




4.  Dachshunds are notorious for having back trouble!  Unfortunately, Wiener Dogs are genetically prone to IVDD or Intervertebral Disc Disease.   IVDD is hereditary so there is nothing you can do about it. 


However, you should always try to restrict jumping and always support their back when holding them.  But keep in mind they are tough little dogs and love activity and play. Activity actually strengthens their back. So get them outside and let them go!


 5.  Dachshunds LOVE to dig!  If you have flower-beds, look out!  Dachshund are natural born diggers and will dig deep holes for seemingly no obvious reason.


But this isn’t restricted just to the great outdoors.  You will see them digging into furniture, carpet and more inside the house.  Or put a Dachshund in a bed and watch him/her dig and bury himself/herself under the blankets. 


Before you adopt a “Sausage Dog”, make sure you understand the positives AND the negatives of owning one.  The shelters are full of Dachshunds that have been abandoned because the owner was unprepared for the dog’s idiosyncrasies.


But if you do become a Doxie owner, get ready for the most lovable and fun dog you will ever own!

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