Do Dachshunds Like To Scuba Dive?

Posted by admin 03/08/2016 0 Comment(s)

No, I have had dachshunds my entire life.


And I have never had one that liked to swim.


Not only that, but I have never seen one go under water.


As a rule, Doxies steer clear of water as they aren’t built for swimming with long bodies and very short legs.  Yet, there are plenty of Wiener Dogs that seem to enjoy swimming.


But going underwater?


Everyone has seen videos of other breeds such as labs diving underwater and retrieving items and it always makes me smile.  However, it never occurred to me that a Dachshund would attempt this.


So I was amazed when I watched the video below.  This lovable Doxie not only loves to swim but goes underwater and views the landscape.   Click it to watch:



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