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Colorful Dachshund Socks -70%

Colorful Dachshund Socks

Want to show your Doxie love while keeping your feet warm?  Want to have everyone noticing y..

$9.99 $2.99

Dachshund Camouflage Vest -53%

Dachshund Camouflage Vest

If there is anything cuter than a Dachshund wearing a camouflage vest, what could it be?Comes i..

$16.95 $7.99

Dachshund Cotton Vest -58%

Dachshund Cotton Vest

Let Your Doxie be the sharpest dressed dog on the block with these amazing 100% cotton vests!Comes i..

$19.00 $7.95

Dachshund Evolution Tshirt New -48%

Dachshund Evolution Tshirt

One of the coolest t-shirts you will ever find! This Doxie evolution shirt will have everyone cra..

$24.99 $12.99

Dachshund Infinity Scarf -38%

Dachshund Infinity Scarf

Bring your fashion sense and you love of Doxies to any occasion with this amazing Dachshund Infini..

$9.99 $6.15

Dachshund Ladies Socks -57%

Dachshund Ladies Socks

Have you ever wanted to demonstrate your love for Dachshunds in every way possible?Well, how about..

$6.99 $2.99

Dachshund Mesh Sun Hat -65%

Dachshund Mesh Sun Hat

Let your Doxie be the talk of the town with these ultra-cute sun hats!  Comes in 8 colors. Me..

$19.99 $6.99

Dachshund Print Scarf -72%

Dachshund Print Scarf

Check out this women's scarf with a Dachshund print. At 70 inches long and 39 inches wide, the ligh..

$14.99 $4.15

Dachshund Revolution Tshirt New -60%

Dachshund Revolution Tshirt

Want to start a revolution?  Or maybe you just love wiener dogs.Well now, you get the best o..

$19.99 $7.99

Dachshund Tote Bag -36%

Dachshund Tote Bag

Use this multi-purpose tote bag and show off your love for dachshunds!Can be utilized as a purse, l..

$25.00 $16.00

Dachshund Walking Balloon New -60%

Dachshund Walking Balloon

Does your son or daughter love Dachshunds?If so, grab this very cool, Dachshund walking balloon.Ju..

$4.99 $1.99

Ladies Dachshund Shorts New -59%

Ladies Dachshund Shorts

Ladies shorts for the Dachshund Lover! These super-cute cotton blend shorts feature a Dachshu..

$16.99 $7.00

Ladies Dachshund Tshirt -50%

Ladies Dachshund Tshirt

If you are a lady who loves fashion and loves Doxies, then here is the deal for you!Super-cure lad..

$15.99 $7.99

Ladies Designer Dachshund Handbag -45%

Ladies Designer Dachshund Handbag

Ladies get ready for one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself!  An amazing Dachs..

$39.99 $21.99